Tracing life

Sohan makes jewels out of beads which have attained their preciousness by virtue of their friendship with time.
The parallel rows she arranges them in embody the colourful proof that she is at once a traveller, a collector,
a missionary, and a thinker. And a lover of people.

Her necklaces and bracelets owe their existence to her passion for travelling and her need to follow a spiritual path.
Nevertheless, she owes each one of them the way to earthly joys, their fibre strings reminding her only of the freedom
to take off again, pursuing the trails of her beads through centuries and continents.

Opaque or translucent, Islamic, Venetian and Bohemian, shell, amber, coral, glass or ceramic – the beads Sohan assembles
bear a beauty reserved only for those who are able to discern its subtleness. Far from scintillating, they reflect the souls
and the lives of the people who first wore on their bodies their extraordinary colours and their mesmerizing patterns.

Putting her beads together with the certainty of rhythm and the fearless harmony of asymmetry, Sohan strings them
as meditatingly and as naturally as the child she once was, beading her first glass jewels in her grandmother’s garden.
With respect to their individuality, she uses unique clasps to tackle humble threads, which enhance the nature of the beads’
colours while bringing out a vulnerable preciousness inextricably tied to the scars of time and the inevitability of death.

Strung together in Sohan’s necklaces and bracelets, her beads acquire a power retrieved once again – the weight and sound
with which they comfortingly enwrap the necks and wrists of those they choose to belong to, only for a little while
before they are felt again by others, in future times and places.

Beads are the ends of Sohan’s travels and her jewels the grail of new journeys on roads just taken. She lives together with her
necklaces and bracelets – small sculptures which form the volume of her life with an outline binding the sight of the eye and the
touch of the hand. Unrepeatable, as a work of art and a human being.

Elizabeth Plessa